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Founded in 1965, Sugarbush Products continues to lead the way in supplying the American roof deck industry with roof deck accessories and concrete form accessories. Sugarbush Products manufactures and sells a variety of select products, specializing in sump pans, welding washers, and hanger tabs. A family run business, Sugarbush Products has become synonymous with professionalism and integrity, and we are proud to be your source for roof deck accessories and concrete form accessories.

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Roof Deck


Anchor Washers

Butt Strips

Column Closures

Finish Strips

Fire Retard Closures

Hanger Tabs

High Chair Washers

Hook Tabs

Piercing Hanger Tabs

Pig Tails

Possum Tails

Puddle Weld Washers

Sump Pans

"V" Tabs

Vent Clips

Welding Washers


Concrete Form

High Chairs
Nailer Ceiling

Nut Inserts

Vent Clips

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